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Trade Show Training Programs

The following customized trade show marketing and booth staff training is offered by TradeTec and conducted by 35-year trade show industry veteran Bill Lauf.


The “Eight Domains of Trade Show Marketing”
A systematic approach to trade show and event marketing, this comprehensive model covers eight areas of expertise that super successful exhibiting companies work on to achieve maximum return on investment, objectives, and experiences. Bill leads a management workshop on how each domain effects on the results of your trade show investment.

Building the Ideal Exhibit Staff
The performance of your staffers is one of the greatest key performance indicators (KPIs) in effective event marketing. Build the most high-performing team based on demographics, psychographics, skills, experience, roles, and responsibilities

Beyond ROI: What Additional Objectives Should Be Part of the Program?
Explore dozens of additional objectives that trade shows and events can help you achieve, such as compiling competitive intelligence, optimizing PR opportunities, building awareness of or changing your brand, conducting surveys, recruiting new employees and more

Train the Trainer on Booth Staffing Behaviors and Booth Captaincy
We’ll train one or more of your employees in how to manage your trade show team, including assigning roles and responsibilities, providing observation and feedback, adjusting to unforeseen challenges, staff scheduling, lead management, creating reports for management and more.

How to Capture Better Audience Information for Analysis and Action
How to more effectively qualify and gather leads, conduct concise, meaningful surveys and capture invaluable attendee insights must be part of today’s staffing skill set. Bill will examine your lead capture process and create surveys that provide actionable demographic and psychographic feedback from your qualified show attendees.

Trade Show Promotions in the 21st Century: Increase Attendance, Activity, Awareness
Promoting your participation at the trade shows is a critical success factor, especially in the age of social media. How, when and why to do it are explored (as well as how not to do it!). Get busy attendees interested in your company before and during the show and you’ll boost attendance and results.

Measurement and Metrics: You Can’t Affect What You Don’t Measure
Because trade shows are hard to measure doesn’t mean they can’t (or shouldn’t) be. With budgets coming under even greater scrutiny, marketers need to give robust, factual answers to the question “How do our trade shows and events contribute to the success of our company?” This workshop provides real methods and tools to get you the reports your management desires.

Audience & Staff Demographics
Today’s often complicated generational mix presents a communications challenge to exhibitors. From promotional messaging and presentation media to the demographics and talk tracks of your staffers, generational norms need to be taken in to account. This topic explores the general concepts and workshops specifics for your specific market realities.

Exhibit Staff Training Topics:

Why Is a Trade Show Like an Orange?
This is the kickoff to most all of Bill’s booth staff training sessions. It’s a powerful metaphor that weaves throughout all of the varied content. Based on his LinkedIn blog of the same title, “Why Is a Trade Show Like an Orange?” the concept is simple to understand, circular because it returns throughout the training, and helps you provide 'sweet' news to your management.

Effective and Non-effective Booth Staff Behaviors
Like free throws in baseball or bunting in baseball, basic skills still need to be revisited and practiced on a regular basis to maintain successful staffing performance. Our exhibit staff training dos and don’ts are (sometimes) humorous look at the behaviors that either drive business growth or drive attendees away. 

Body Language and Its Role in Successful Booth Staffing
Our simple review of significant body language cues help staffers approach, assess, and attend to each visitor in a unique manner. It also helps staffers remain cognizant of their own appearance and behaviors so they can better control the messages they are sending out to the attendees as well.

A Simple Sales Process for Efficiency and Effectiveness
A sales trainer for over 18 years, Bill uses his experience to address the unique challenges and opportunities for sales that the trade show environment presents. (Includes constructive role playing activity and feedback.)

Lead Capture Products and Processes
Training in how to best use lead capture software for optimal results. Knowledge and practice on capturing important subjective information using voice-to-text to save time. How to conduct attendee surveys and how best to use devices to minimize attendee discomfort.


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About Bill Lauf


Bill Lauf is a 35-year veteran of the trade show industry and has worked with TradeTec since 2014. With his previous experience as sales and trade show marketing educator, Bill brings a positive energy and sense of fun to his work.

Bill is an accomplished speaker, having presented hundreds of live and online event marketing seminars and facilitated client workshops for booth staffers and their managers in how to maximize their personal and organizational effectiveness.