Scholle IPN at PACK EXPO 2017
60 x 42
SKYRISE® Exhibit System / PICTURECUBE® Exhibit System / SKYFLYER® Hanging Structure

The Scholle IPN team came to TradeTec with three specific goals for PACK EXPO 2017 — an elevated branding presence that spans the show floor, functional space to showcase equipment and products, and maintain crowd control.

The result, Scholle IPN unveiled their new 60x42 exhibit with great success!

To heighten brand visibility throughout the show floor, TradeTec designers used a 16 foot SkyRise back wall that also included a conference room, a SkyFlyer that hung directly over the main aisle area, and a PictureCube over the bistro.

With their branding visible across multiple directions, the majority of the exhibit floor space was used to showcase three product machines and onsite demos. Envoy shelving allowed for ample product display stations, while the bistro created a space where attendees could relax and sample iced coffee.

In addition, boxwood hedges were placed spaciously at the top two corners and sides of the exhibit to effectively maintain crowd control and provide a path for attendees within the booth.